Our Vision

Be the hub of open source technology in the region and facilitate the technology to provide comprehensive business solutions to various industries.

Our Mission

Transfer open source technology to the region and combine it with the team business experience to help the businesses in the region achieve excellence.

Our Vission
Our Technology

Our Technology

Opentech focuses on the best Open Source Technology (OST) solutions that deliver a wide range of benefits to multifunctional businesses. Research has shown that open source software adoption and usage are on the climb in small to large organizations, with clear proof of its cost savings and overall value. As a result of the proven benefits and advantages, it is considered to be an ideal method to cultivate business solutions.

Our Methodology

Service Pack

Each service pack contains of 30 man-day of technical and functional consultancy plus 5 man-days of project management and coordination.


Traditional scope base project delivery. All customizations out of scope will be charged separately


Providing a solution with all the standard features. No additional customization will be provided.


Custom approach base, It could be a hybrid or customized approach that can better fit customer’s business need and requirement.